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     These case studies show the performance using Sitelab’s UVF-3100 analyzer testing polyaromatic hydrocarbons in the EPH C11 to C22 range.

     When calibrated using Sitelab's PAH calibration kit (CAL-060) on the UVF's Slot A Optics, test results correlate well to laboratory GC methods for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons, EPH C11-C22 aromatic fraction.  This 'Total PAH' test is used with Sitelab's fingerprinting method.  Target PAHs can also be tested using the UVF's Slot D Optics.




Contaminated Soils with No. 6 Fuel Oil

Sitelab's mobile laboratory was used on two different sites contaminated with heavy fuel oil.  One is a wire factory in Connecticut and the other is a papermill in Massachusetts.  Both facilities once used No. 6 fuel for heat and steam.  Using a good laboratory for confirmation analysis helped the consultant use the UVF's EPH data to calculate the mass of NAPL remaining below the ground.


See case study


Underground Storage Tank Removals

Sitelab’s UVF-3100 analyzer is a popular tool when  excavating soils contaminated by heating oil and diesel fuel.  The UVF detects the same concentrations of EPH aromatics as the certified laboratories.  Regulators in Massachusetts, North Carolina and a growing number of states require VPH and EPH test methods, where aliphatic and aromatics are reported separately.

See case study

Use of UVF and LIF at Refinery Site

A former oil refinery in Kansas has a 100-acre size plume of oil.  The NAPL is commingled with gasoline, diesel, crude oil and other petroleum products.  An environmental consultant used Sitelab’s UVF to field screen hundreds of soil samples for EPH C11-C22 aromatic hydrocarbons.  Split samples sent to a confirmatory lab correlated well.  UVF data was used with LIF data to map the site's contamination.


  See case study

Evaluation Study at Tank Farm Site

Customer performed a 4-way evaluation study to check the accuracy of Sitelab compared to three certified laboratories.  Ten soils were carefully homogenized and split to ensure each lab received the same samples.  Results demonstrate how variable the laboratories can be when performing the same test.


  See case study
Environmental Site Assessment 3-D Map

Subsurface Environmental Solutions, LLC, performed a two day site investigation on a commercial property which once stored fuel tanks above and below the ground.  Sitelab's EPH results were used to help delineate the vertical and horizontal spread of contamination.  The data was then used to generate 3-D visualization maps showing the site's contamination.

»For more details, visit: Subenviro.com





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