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    Got oil on metal?  On small parts or other surfaces.  Need laboratory analysis?  Sitelab's UVF analyzers can be used to quickly measure concentrations of oil coated on steel, aluminum and other metals across a broad range of manufacturing industries.  This includes parts and components used in automotive, HVAC, food, medical and pharmaceuticals. 

    Lubricating oils are often used to prevent corrosion or assist with the production process.  Residual oils remaining after the cleaning process can cause problems.  Testing parts or surfaces to ensure they are clean and oil free is important for quality control. 

    Samples or surface wipes are extracted in solvent and tested for hydrocarbon content.  The equipment is easy to use and results take about 5 minutes.  Detection limits are in the low ppb range.  See case studies below for examples showing how oil on metal analysis is performed.


  Performance Testing Wipe Samples on Sheet Metal with Cutting Oils:

    A manufacturing company uses cutting oils to produce sheet metal to assemble elevators.  The metal must be cleaned after production.  Wipe samples were collected by the client and sent to Sitelab to monitor and adjust a new cleaning system installed.

See case study
  Metal Parts Analysis for Light Bulb Manufacturer:

     Steel clips are used to make automotive light bulbs on the assembly line.  The parts are imported from a foreign supplier where the type of oil used is unknown or unavailable.  Any oil on the clips can cause bulb failure.  Quality engineers needed to confirm if parts were clean and oil free after the cleaning process. 

See case study
 Testing Medical Impants for Oil Residue:

     A medical company coats stainless steel parts with fluorescent oils after the manufacturing process to prevent the parts from corroding and for visual inspection to ensure quality of their products.  The parts must be free of oil prior to using them in the human body.  Sitelab helped the client develop a fast and reliable test method to assist with their cleaning and inspection efforts.  Samples of different oils and parts were sent to Sitelab for analysis to see which oils fluoresced the most and which ones produced the lowest detection limits.

See case study

 Applications Testing Parts & Components used in Medical Devices
    Metal samples are extracted in solvent and measured on Sitelab's analyzers.  The UVF-3100 and TD-500D display the concentration of oil in ppm units.  Test results can be converted to mg/sq-meter if the surface area is known, which is often required for certain applications.

    Examples shown here include testing oxygen pump components, parts used to make heart valves and surface wipes testing HVAC systems in hospitals. 
See case study


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