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"The UVF-3100A exhibited the following desirable characteristics of a field TPH measurement device; (1) good accuracy, (2) good precision, (3) high sample throughput, (4) low measurement costs and (5) ease of use." Page 100, EPA Pub No. 600/R-01/080


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a performance study called "Field Measurement Technologies for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil" by evaluating Sitelab and six other manufacturers through the Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program.  The project was directed by the Office of Research and Development's National Exposure Research Laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Tetra Tech, Inc. was contracted to manage this $800,000 project.  See ENGINEERING AWARD for details.

During the final field demonstration, Sitelab tested over 200 samples using our UVF-3100A analyzer for both Gasoline Range Organics, Extended Diesel Range Organics and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH as combined GRO and EDRO).  Sitelab was the only developer who performed and reported TPH as well as GRO and EDRO separately, just like the reference laboratory. 

Samples consisted of Performance Evaluation spiked soils, liquid interference samples and a variety of environmental samples from five different contaminated sites located throughout the United States.  All samples were split and sent to a certified laboratory for confirmatory analysis using EPA Method 8015M. 


Developer tents (pictured above) during the field demonstration conducted at Port Hueneme Navy Base in California.  In less than 5 days, using only one technician, Sitelab reported over 500 test results!


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Sitelab Soil Results vs. Lab Results
Performance evaluation samples spiked with gasoline, diesel fuel and interferences with acceptance limits:

Performance Evaluation TPH Results for PE Soils

Weathered Gasoline Spike Recovery TPH Results

Diesel Fuel Spike Recovery TPH Results

Weathered Gasoline Spike Recovery GRO Results

Performance Evaluation Interferents for PE Liquids

Environmental investigation samples collected from five different contaminated sites in the United States:

Texas: US Air Force Base UST Site GRO Results

California: US Navy Fuel Farm Site TPH Results

California: US Navy NEX Gas Station Site TPH Results

California: US Navy Site Phytoremediation DRO Results

Indiana: Petroleum Tank Farm Site TPH Results

SEE THIS TABLE comparing detection limits, percent accuracy and conclusions.  See EPA publications below:
Sitelab UVF-3100A     


Dexsil Petroflag

Horiba Infrared         


Wilks Infrared


Disclaimer: The EPA does not endorse any products offered for sale by Sitelab or other developers in the SITE program.



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